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We provide a wide array of counseling services from the more traditional psychotherapy and solution focused techniques to Traumatic Incident Reduction Therapy and Sexual Addiction Treatment. We are here to help you and be your guide on your journey to wellness. 

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Sarasota Family Counseling and Addiction Treatment Center

In addition to our counseling services Abundance of Love and Wealth is the premiere center for the treatment of sexual addictions in Sarasota, FL. Mr. Kerry Dennis is a certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT) in and specializes in the treatment of sexual addictions. 

By any name, it is a compulsive behavior that completely dominates the addict’s life, causing severe stress on family, friends, loved ones and work environments. Sexual addiction can manifest itself through...

  • Troubled by past traumatic events.
  • Out-of-control spending, or debt due to sexually acting out.
  • Secret online behaviors at home, or work.
  • Multiple affairs, or one-night sexual encounters.
  • Sexual obsession and fantasy as a primary coping strategy.
  • Experiencing severe consequences due to sexual behavior, and an inability to stop despite adverse consequences.
  • And much more.

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