Love and Relationships

Investing in Your Relationship

We feel everyone deserves a loving, satisfying, and supportive relationship. That is why we specialize in treating couples. Whether you are looking for couples counseling, pre-marital counseling, or marital counseling we can help. 

We work with couples in all types of relationships and strive to help improve communication, strengthen or restore intimacy, and improve overall happiness within the relationship. 

For those times when a relationship cannot be salvaged we also specialize in divorce and post-divorce counseling. Divorce counseling can help improve communication and reduce tension. We find this extremely helpful if there are children involved and welcome family sessions during divorce counseling (when appropriate). 

"After a few sessions we realized how to better communicate and not only were we not arguing as much but our intimacy improved. We were on the road to divorce but now feel stronger than ever." 

Take the next step to a more rewarding relationship and call us today. 

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